Including over 1000 terms and information gathered from over 30 glossaries, the free glossary of racing terms is the most comprehensive one of its kind in existence today.

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Core Concepts - Intended as an in-depth introductory guide, this section discusses the essential terms from each topical glossary.

Betting - From across the board and Beyer number, to exacta, tic tac, and wheel, this section includes all the language needed to place any wager ranging from the very basics to the most sophisticated of betting strategies.

Breeding & Pedigree - Building from bloodstock and founding sires to dosage and stallion syndicates, the evolution of horseracing can be traced through the history of breeding. This section includes terms related to breeding, horse breeds, and the analysis of pedigree.

Officials & Industry Members - From punters and jockeys to trainers and veterinarians, the flare of the racetrack is made possible by a wide variety of participants. This section details the professionals who give horse racing the character it has grown to represent.

Racecourse Facilities - Each track has its own unique mix of a variety of layout, structure, and permanent track equipment. To allow a more complete understanding of each facilities' advantages, this guide defines these elements, and discusses the equipment used to maintain the course.

Strategy & the Call - From the moment the first horse breaks from the gate, the excitement of the track is equaled only by the thrill of the race call. This category divulges all the terms you need to know in order to follow the callers' account of the race.

Tack & Tools - Ranging from the jockeys' tack to the Stewards' penetrometer, the trainers' twitch, and the farriers' anvil, this division notes the wide variety of equipment needed for a successful day at the races.

Track Conditions - Some horses run best on a firm track while others run best in mud, and both the weather and track facilities can impact this decisive factor in a race. This section discusses the terminology used to describe track going, a standard measure of these variable racing conditions.

Types of Races - Ranging from flat and jump races to claiming races, stakes, and dashes, horse racing encompasses a variety of events. This section includes each type of race and terms used to describe the nature of each race.

Veterinary - Containing a thorough study ranging from Abaxial fracture to Xeroradiography, this section is for the horse racing enthusiast interested in learning what makes a horse unsound and what conditions might affect each horse's ability to race.